Nicolas Reeves is an Architect Artist Researcher Studies in France, Canada, USA. Vice-president of the Society for Arts and Technology (Montreal). Scientific director of the Hexagram Institute for Research/Creation in Media Arts and Technologies. Permanent professor at the School of Design of the University of Quebec in Montreal. In this same university, director of the NXI GESTATIO Design lab for arts, architecture and design. Education in Physics (U. of Montreal, 1986) and in Architecture (MIT, Cambridge, 1988). Works at the Atelier Philippe Madec (Paris) and at the Jacques Rousseau studio (Montreal) before being admitted with honours at the Qu?bec board of architects. Artistic research exploring the basis of the concepts of order, organization, and information. Collaborations with many artists and engineers from different realms, and with many university labs. Particularly interested in all kinds of coding processes and in their possible dysfunctions. Many on-going artistic projects, most of them being based on algorithmic systems that develop continuously different kinds of evolving architectonic, formal or sonic structures, some of them being materialized by rapid prototyping devices. Among on-going researches : formal analysis of complex urban networks; cubic robotic blimps (the „Mascarillonsš) behaving like social insects, in partnership with European computer and robotics labs. First prize at the Architecture Quebec competition (1994). Many grants from diverse Canadian private and public foundations and councils. Regular jury member for Canadian artistic councils. Public and academic lectures in many countries (Canada, USA,, Germany, Poland, Australia, Lebanon∑). Many papers published in arts and critic magazines (Canada, France). Installations and exhibitions in Canada, France, USA, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Lebanon. The Cloud Harp, meteo-electronic instrument converting real-time the shape of clouds in music and sounds, has received an international media coverage.