Eduardo Miranda University of Plymouth, UK

Eduardo Reck Miranda a research scientist at the University of Plymouth, and a composer of international reputation. In 1994, he obtained a PhD in Music with contributions in the fields of musical knowledge representation, machine learning of music and software sound synthesis.During a research fellowship at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC), he developed Chaosynth, an innovative granular synthesis software that uses evolutionary computing techniques for generating complex sound spectra.In 1995 he joined the Department of Music at the University of Glasgow, where he lectured computer music for three years, and formed a research group to conduct interdisciplinary research in the field of computer-aided musicalcomposition systems. In 1998, he took up a research position at Sony Computer Science Laboratory, where he conducted research aimed at gaining a betterunderstanding of the fundamental cognitive mechanisms employed in sound-basedcommunication systems. His musical compositions have been broadcast and performed in prestigious concerts and festivals worldwide, including Festival Música Viva (Lisbon, 1999, 2000), Computer Music Festival in Seoul (Seoul, 1998, 1999, 2001) and International Computer Music Conference (Gothenburg 2002, Hong Kong 1996). His music has won prizes and distinctionsin Brazil, France and Italy.


Artificial life music

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