Adam Zaretsky, one of the world's foremost Microinjection Food Science Researchers, speaks on pFARM: The Woodstock powerFARM, Woodstock's own Organic Fetish Biotech Company Farm. Zaretsky practices garage embryology, parasitology and glossolalia as a perpetually rotating academic at the International University of Pataphysics. In 2002-2004 he will be teaching VivoArts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication department.


pFARM.: Organic Biotechnology and Power Farming

Adam Zaretsky will explore cultural power relations between organic farming, recent advances in new reproductive technology and our domestic conceptions of wildness. He will talk about pFarming concepts of organic mutagenesis, debate the ethics and aesthetics, the Woodstock Submissive Tissue Bank and touch on the sexuality of transhumanism. Other topics will review contemporary applications of developmental biology, genomics and gene patenting.